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Review: The Phantom of the Opera. (Reseña en inlges)

Book Review:

  • Title: The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Author: Gaston Leroux.
  • Pages: 360.
  • Gender: Thriller, romance and mystery.
  • Saga: No.
  • In Spanish: Yes.
  • Price: 6,97 €
The Phantom of the Opera was originally written in French, as I don't know French I've only read it in English. Although, someday I would like to read it in French.

Christine Daaé's father dies and leaves her with the belief that a protective angel of music will guide her. She is raised in the Paris Opera House, where she will hear a voice, who will teach her how to sing beautifully. All seems to be well until her childhood friend Raoul comes to visit his parents, who are patrons of the opera. The voice, who is the deformed, murderous 'ghost' of the opera house named Erik, however, grows violent in his terrible jealousy. The phantom is in love, but it can only spell disaster. 

First of all, I should mention that I read this book because I wanted to read BloodRose by A.G. Howard, which is a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera. And I also read it because I wanted to be able to say that I have read a classic.

"If I am the phantom, it is because man's hatred has made me so. If I am to be saved it is because your love redeems me."

Even though it's clear that it's old, and theatrical, it is a very good book, but I don't love it.

One of the reasons I did not like it is because of the edition, I do not know how it is in other versions, but the edition of the book that I have is enormous and I found it very uncomfortable when it came to reading it.
The prose of the author made it seem very long and tedious to read, therefore it took a long time to read it.
Even though one of the things I did love about this book is that Gaston Leroux wrote it in such a way that you start to believe that Erik is really a ghost and not a living man. I also really liked the fact that the novel is sometimes tragic and other times inspiring.

"¿Are people so unhappy when they love?"
"Yes, Christine, when they love and are not sure of being loved.” "

Erik/ The Phantom

Erik becomes obsessed with Christine Daae and makes her the centre of his universe. But as Erik suffered through a loveless childhood and years of being a "freak show" he developed some serious issues. Even though Erik is mad, he is a musical genius. Erik manipulates, terrorizes and even kills to further Christine Daae's career in the Opera House. And even after everything that he has done, I believe him to be a sympathetic villain because all he wanted was Christine Daae to care for him as much as he cared for her.

Christine Daae

She is the object of Erik's love and desire but she is terrified of him. She is shallow with a good heart: if Erik were handsome, she would probably love him instead of being afraid of him.
I can't say that I hate this character but I also can't say that I love her either, she just seems wishy-washy, changing opinion continuously, (and there were moments where it was stressful) and she just seems to be a complete damsel in distress. 


I didn't love this character either because he just seems childish and whiny, he is also a very jealous character.

The love in this story seemed to me to be adequate, as the protagonists knew each other since their childhoods and even though at first it seems like  Christine doesn't love Raoul and that she denies her feelings, in the end they end up being right for each other. But as the villain of this story is, as I said before, a character that you can get to sympathize with, in my mind I would have liked for him to have a happy ending.

"I tore off my mask so as not to lose one of her tears... ¡and she did not run away!... ¡and she did not die!... She remained alive, weeping over me, weeping with me. ¡We cried together! I have tasted all the happiness the world can offer.” "   

In short, the book entertained me but I did not love it, although I do recommend it because I think it is worth reading.

I rate this book a 3 over 5.

Admi Megs.

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