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Reseña: Trinity de Conn Iggulden (reseña en ingles)


  • Title: Trinity.
  • Author: Conn Iggulden.
  • Pages: 549.
  • Genres: Historical, fiction.
  • Saga/series: Yes, this is the second book of the Wars of the Roses series. There are four books in this series.


1454 - England in on the brink of civil war...

As ailing King Henry VI lies senseless, Richard, Duke of York, and Protector of the Realm, asserts his own claim to the throne. All who support Henry and Queen Margaret must be silenced.

While Margaret struggles to defeat Richard's conspiracy, supporters of the rival houses of Lancaster and York clash, throwing the country into turmoil.

Who will win the fight for the throne?
And what will each side sacrifice in the name of England?


The door closed at Derry's back and he saw the young queen rise from her seat, an expression of horror on her face.
'Oh your head, Derry! What have you done to yourself?'
'Your Highness, I preferred to come to you without my movements being noted and reported at every step. Please, it is nothing. It will surely grow back, or so I am told.' He noticed in exasperation that the queen seemed to be struggling with laughter.
'It's  like an egg, Derry! They've left you hardly any hair at all.'


I started reading this series as a bit of an experiment. I know that History isn't one of my favourite subjects but I wanted to see how interesting or boring I would find it if I willingly read a book about English history. And I have to say that I quite enjoyed reading this book.

This one was a bit more of an "emotional" read (I'm not saying that I cried or anything, because I didn't) because it's basically about a civil war. And that must be a horrible position to be in, having to choose a side to fight for and then facing the consequences if you choose the "wrong" side. 

At the beginning of the book there are maps, family trees and a list of the characters. At the end of the book the author mentions what changes he made to the real life events.

The book switches point of view a lot which I found quite interesting because then you are sort of getting into multiple people’s heads, you are getting a sense of what they are all thinking. I mean just because one person thinks that they are doing the right thing doesn’t mean that everyone else agrees.

The book is quite crude in some parts but it makes sense as things were done very differently in those times.

In this book, I started to try to put myself in the shoes of the King and Queen's enemies. I also tried to be biased because, the events have already happened, and I was just reading about the past. 

  'Enough, Alice,' Cromwell said in grim amusement. 'Your husband charges into my keep without waiting on my permission, but who could blame him after what he has seen? If I were younger, I would be blowing the horns myself after what he has endured. It is forgotten, though you have my thanks for your grace. 'Alice nodded, smiling at a man she liked very much.

King Henry VI

King Henry VI had been in a comatose-like state for over a year and when he woke up, he was surprisingly stronger, healthier, and a much better king than before (even if his good health didn't last that long).

Margaret of Anjou (Queen of England)

I admire her for still being loyal to her husband (King Henry VI) knowing that it must have been difficult at times, what with him being ill most of the time.

Derry Brewer

I like how he does "crazy" things to keep himself alive.

Richard of York

I really disliked him in the first book, but as I mentioned in my review of the first book (Stormbird), I realised that he had his reasons for his actions against the Lancasters/the crown.

 Derry had seen madness before, in many forms, brought on by rage or grief, or drink, or just come from nowhere on the summer wind. He knew the mind was its own world, all the stars and planets no more complicated than a man's thoughts. Whatever devil or infirmity had sucked the king's will and made him a child, it was gone from him. The man beneath could speak at last.

Ultimately, I have to admit that I surprised myself when I actually enjoyed reading this book, I was expecting myself to be very bored because History isn't the topic for me. But I found it interesting and am happy to be continuing the series.


I give this book a 3 out of 5. Even though I believe it was well written, and I did find it interesting, the genre just isn’t one of my favourites so that’s why I’m giving it a 3 and not a higher mark.

Admi Megs

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